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Media: RPG Fund

by admin published Jul 29, 2017 05:13 PM, last modified Jul 29, 2017 05:13 PM
For those looking to help spread the word about the goals of the RPG Fund, here is information that you may find useful.

Short version: The RPG Fund, (will be) is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation to help fund individuals and organizations researching the effects of role-playing games, or using role-playing games to help others.

The RPG Fund (working title, own domain, is a proposed 4th branch of the RPG Therapeutics vision, may be a 501(c)(3) public charity, private foundation, or private operating foundation. The goal of the RPG Foundation is to accept donations that will be used to fund programs furthering research and applied programs that further the understanding and use of role-playing games, especially their uses in achieving therapeutic and/or educational goals for participants from all populations, but especially populations with special needs. Funds may also be used to help encourage providing services to people that cannot normally receive insurance, or personally afford to pay, for services that use role-playing games to help them still receive the RPG related services for them to achieve their educational or therapeutic goals.

We are an organization of professionals from various fields, and participating with other organizations to establish professional standards in the the role-playing gaming profession, the elusive "RPG Professional" If you consider yourself an RPG professional, or hope to becoming professional in the RPG industry, be sure to check out our training, certification, and employment opportunities.