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The RPG Fund

by admin last modified Sep 22, 2020 04:41 PM
This site is the Internet face for a fund proposed to help those RPG-related projects attempting to use role-playing games in various formats to improve the human experience.

We are currently gathering board members toward the development of 501(c)3 formation or similar international non-profit organization to help fund individuals and organizations furthering research and the professional use of role-playing games to achieve targeted educational and therapeutic goals, as well as accessibility related research and related programs.




The hope is that diverse groups of businesses and individuals will donate into this pool, and then individuals and organizations can apply for grants, scholarships, etc. to aide them in their efforts to improve the overall human condition through role-playing games.







Historical note: Originally proposed by Hawke Robinson in 2016., creator of The RPG Research Project International Community Website - - RPG Therapeutics LLC ( " RPG Therapy " ) - - and many other community organizations. This is still in the very early stages: Developing the idea around an "RPG Fund" to support research and programs using role-playing games to teach, help, and heal participants, and any other related programs using role-playing games for exceptional goals of altruism to benefit humanity.

A dedicated account will soon be created associated with raising funds to form this organization.

Funding will first need to be gathered to form the fund as a 501(c)3, (or similar) non-profit. This will include needing to gather board members, letters of incorporation, etc.


If you interested in joining the board for this organization please Contact Us by sending email to: rpgfundraiser at gmail dot com.